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Efficient, green, ecological, interpretation of modern agricultural model

Agricultural Limited by Share Ltd is located in the "green international port," said the suburbs of Shunyi District. Under the six branches, the eighteen holding subsidiaries. Is a collection of food crops, economic crops, vegetables, fruits, fruit cultivation, processing and marketing; liquor production and sales; meat dish processing and sales; breeding; fertilizer development and sales; agricultural technology development, technical services as one of the diversified large enterprise. In November 4, 1998 the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listing, is Beijing's first agricultural listed company, the registered capital of 397 million 740 thousand yuan. At present, the company has a well-known trademark in China, Beijing famous trademark. Products are not only popular in the country, but also exported to Russia, Japan, Canada, the United States, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Mongolia, Hongkong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, much favored by consumers at home and abroad. Agricultural Limited by Share Ltd Yunfeng seeds Branch Agricultural Limited by Share Ltd is one of the six wholly-owned subsidiaries, undertake research for many years the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of agriculture and Beijing city agriculture development and a number of key projects, the company covers an area of 800 acres, a senior title of 40%. In 2007, the Ministry of scientific research and China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Xing Shun industry developed a number of rare earth containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound synergist and slow-release compound fertilizer "new formula and patented technology, at the beginning of 2008 agricultural Limited by Share Ltd Yunfeng seeds branch and Xingshun fertilizer company invested heavily modified compound fertilizer production line the annual output of up to 300 thousand tons. Products are: high, medium and low - grade slow-release compound fertilizer, a non - recovery compound fertilizer (corn, wheat, rice, cotton, etc.), as well as a variety of common compound fertilizer. Agricultural Limited by Share Ltd [1] is the first batch of national key agricultural industrialization leading enterprises in Beijing City, the first agricultural listed company, has won the "Chinese top 500 manufacturing enterprises", "Beijing's most influential enterprises", "top 100 enterprises in Beijing," the Beijing Olympic Games, Paralympic Games advanced collective "honorary title. The company now has a well-known trademark in China; seven provincial and municipal well-known trademarks. The company has always focused on agriculture concept, two areas of deep processing of agricultural products and new rural construction, adhere to the production and operation of capital operation and coordinated development in China modern agricultural industrialization actively explore, the pursuit of win-win. Agricultural Limited by Share Ltd Yunfeng seeds branch to "agriculture strong people" as their responsibility, adhere to the "integrity, commitment and dedication" attitude, the high-end scientific technology and modern management concept, professional operation of the market, to provide high quality products and service system for customers.